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COVID Updates

In this new norm there are some things we are also requesting of you.

The health and safety of our guest and visitors is our highest priority.

As health officials learn more about the COVID-19 virus, the overall consensus is to be aware, be prepared, stay informed, and practice healthy habits and preventable actions, including social distancing.

That being said we are simply asking our guest for a few things to keep everyone feeling at ease.

Wear a mask when coming and going from the Inn and in areas you may pass other guests.

Use sanitizer when arriving and leaving. This ensures our safety as well as yours. We are all in this together after all.

Also to ensure our guest are staying in a clean environment we have taken on some of our own measures to make you feel safe.
We use UV Ozone machines in our rooms after each guest.
We also use the very best virucidal cleaner on all surfaces within the building called Citrus II, medical surgical quality cleaner.
Each room, as well as our check in desk and lobby will be stocked with sanitizer and all TV remotes after cleaned will be put in special bags after each guest stay for your comfort. 

If you are wondering what precautions the city of Galena is taking many stores are requiring mask especially if proper social distancing measures cannot be adhered to.  To find out more information about Galena guidelines please visit the link below. 

Image may be subject to copyright